European Windows

European Windows

PVC profiles guaranty that your windows remain hermetic in the time of it use, and also in joints with building walls.

Scandinavian Windows

Scandinavian Windows

Our PVC windows is about: authentic design, 120mm frame, groove 10×10, four swing options, good insulation value.



On the one hand it should underline the character of the house, and on the other it must provide a high degree of security.



Modern insulated glass units are produced with selective glass coating which gives better features.


Scandinavian Windows

Traditional Nordic style with narrow folds
Opening towards the outside the 120-mm system was developed for Scandinavia and Northern Germany. Nordic-Design windows feature the traditional Nordic style with narrow folds. All typical optionsof opening for that area or region can be implemented: Top-Hung, Top-Swing, Top-Slide, and Side-Hung. Those windows perfectly resemble Danish Dannebrog wooden windows.

Unbeatably stable
RAU-FIPRO® - represents high-tech in combination with an innovative material formulation. The highest level of profile core stability sets new benchmarks for window profile systems.


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Main properties in brief:

  • Developed from the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO®
  • Construction Depth / number of chambers: 120 mm / 6-9 chambers
  • Thermal insulation: U Uf=0.8 W/m²K
  • Resistance to hard rain: (DIN EN 12208) 9 A / E 1000


  • Ideal for stylish renovation of historical buildings.
  • Flush mounted sash and frame.
  • Good resistance to various climatic conditions.
  • Common hardware can be used.


Advanced REHAU systems exceed your expectations
Other countries mean different manners. Lifestyles are reflecting both in the culture of life and in architectural forms. Windows are shaped differently, even European nations are all different. For example, windows opening towards the outside and featuring traditional elements are popular in Nordic countries, while sunny southern Europe prefers shutter systems and simple sliding structures. As a system supplier operating internationally, REHAU offers window-producing companies which seek to be competitive or lead in certain market segments a wide selection of products for various needs and intended both for close and distant markets whose common demand is high-quality windows produced from RAU-PVC and demonstrating excellent technical properties and finishes.

Reconstruction while maintaining the original style: Rehau Nordic-Design created for Scandinavia
Traditional windows with the typical Dannebrog design, which are opened towards the outside, are popular in northern Europe, especially in Scandinavia and certain regions of England and France. Dannebrog windows are an excellent modern solution for the renovation or substitution of old wooden windows, particularly when the original style needs to be preserved. Thanks to their narrow Nordic-Design profile system, those windows are considered rational and simple: they can be suited for all options of window openings such as top-hung, top-turn, top-swing, side-hung and side-swing. Differently shaped elements—starting from stylised jambs, transoms + mullions, and glass sashes and ending with fittings, which are so popular in Scandinavia—can be selected based on the style popular in a certain country. The 120-mm assembly depth and the area between the fold and the frame emphasises the peculiarities of Dannebrog rather than optically reducing it. In addition, REHAU offers various door system solutions: an advanced market-oriented programme was developed for the Nordic countries based on the stable Ca/Zn formula and stringent Danish legal requirements. 

Energy class A